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Yasawa Island Overview

Fiji Essentials: What to Pack for Your Trip

April 27, 2021 No Comments

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We know how it goes. You start packing for your trip with the right intentions. 45 bathing suits and 12 pairs of shoes later, you’re sitting on your suitcase to zip it shut. In this guide, we’ll reveal exactly what to pack for Fiji (and what to leave behind).

Kadavu Boat

What to pack for your trip to Fiji

It’s best to plan your packing list around the activities you’ll most likely to do. If you’re island hopping, pack for warm weather and items for the outdoors.


Style tips: Bright, bold colors and patterns are popular in Fiji. You’ll see men and women wearing floral or Melanesian-patterned clothing, called ‘Bula’ print, no matter if you’re in the center of Suva or strolling through a remote village. If you picked up a floral souvenir shirt or dress on your last vacation and it’s never seen the light of day, pack it along for your trip to Fiji. Take a look at Treehouse Boutique for some style inspiration. Hawaiian (Aloha) and Polynesian prints will fit in well here, too. Overall, most Fijians tend to dress quite conservatively outside of the major towns/cities and resorts. In town and at your resort, shorts, tank tops, and short dresses are fine.

Koro Sun Overwater bungalow

In the villages, both men and women are expected to cover their shoulders and knees. Pack along a sarong, also called a sulu, to cover your legs if you plan on wearing shorts on an excursion. Men can fit in anywhere by wearing a Bula shirt and shorts, with a sulu handy for any village settings. Women will fit in anywhere by wearing a long dress that covers their knees and shoulders, or by wearing a T-shirt paired with a long skirt.

Lightweight T-shirts: Breathable tank tops and T-shirts are a staple for traveling around Fiji. T-shirts are ideal for the sun protection factor and great if you’re traveling to a village, where more conservative attire is expected.

Shop women’s shirts | Shop men’s shirts

Bula shirt: For any formal or evening event, you can’t go wrong with a Bula shirt, a button-up shirt with bold prints. Aloha shirts also work, as ‘Bula’ patterns can be a challenge to find outside of Fiji.

Shorts: Great for days spent at the beach or sightseeing.

Loose pants: Wear them on the plane ride over. Also a go-to for keeping mosquitoes away during sunset walks. We like the joggers by Vuori (women) and travel pants by Patagonia (men).

Sundress/maxi dress/long skirt: You’ll be reaching for a dress after swims, for dinner, for village visits… it’s almost always a good time to wear a dress in Fiji! Sundresses are perfect for the beach and informal settings. Dresses that cover your shoulders and knees are ideal for village and church visits.

Hiking outfit: If you stay on one of the larger islands like Taveuni, Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, or Kadavu, you’ll be able to on plenty of waterfall hikes. Leggings/athletic shorts, long-sleeved lightweight shirts, hats, sunglasses, and hiking shoes provide optimal sun protection. Many hiking trails in Fiji intersect with streams and trails are often muddy, so pack shoes you don’t care about too much.

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Hat and sunglasses: The equatorial sun is no joke in Fiji. You’ll want face and eye protection.

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Bathing suit and rashguard: The average water temperature in Fiji hovers around a warm 27°C (81°F) so you won’t need a wetsuit for general swimming and snorkeling. Rashgaurds and swim leggings will save your sunscreen supply.

Shop women’s rashguards | Shop men’s rashguards

Sulu: A sarong, or sulu, is one of the most practical items you can pack for Fiji. Wear it as a scarf, shawl, and around your waist. Throw it down on the beach to relax on, and use it as a towel after a swim.

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Footwear: You’ll want a pair of sandals/flip flops, hiking shoes, and reef booties. Leave any formal pairs of shoes behind. If you plan on experiencing Fiji nightlife, men will need closed-toed shoes to enter many bars and clubs and women will need a nice pair of sandals.

Shop women’s sandals | Shop men’s sandals

What about a sweater? Pack one sweater just in case of a cool night or if you enter an overly air conditioned building. Chances are, you won’t wear it.

Underwear/socks/PJs: Leave the onesie pajamas at home.


Fiji’s main towns and large resorts have stores where you can purchase basic toiletriesIf you are attached to a particular brand, it’s best to bring that item with you. There are very few shops on the outer islands, so pack enough for the duration of your trip if you’re venturing further afield.

Medications: Pack all medications with you for your entire trip. A first aid kit is great for reef cuts, mosquito bites, and any bumps and bruises. A bottle of swimmer’s ear drops is also a good thing to pack if you plan to spend a lot of time in the water.

Ear plugs: Light sleepers, take some ear plugs if you plan to stay in one of the hostels or the center of town.

Reef-safe sunscreen: The coral reefs in Fiji are fragile, so be sure to pack sunscreen without reef-harming ingredients. We recommend Avasol and Stream2Sea.

Read: How to choose and wear reef safe sunscreen

Makeup: Because of the heat and humidity, you might not reach for your makeup. If you’re shopping specifically for this trip, look for waterproof mascara and foundation with SPF.

Menstrual products: Bring your own cup or enough tampons/pads to last the duration of your trip. Assume that you might not be able to visit a shop if you’re staying outside one of the main towns. Resort shops often run out.

Natural bug spray: Mosquitoes tend to hit the beaches at dawn and dusk. Pure Fiji sells natural mosquito spray.

Outdoor items

Mask, snorkel, and fins: While these can be easily borrowed or rented from your resort, packing your own set will prevent any sizing or mask leaking mishaps. Plus, you’ll be able to explore the reefs at sunrise, before the shops open up.

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Underwater snorkel gear

Dry bag backpack: Fiji is the type of destination where you might need an umbrella and sunscreen in the same day. A drybag backpack is one of the best travel essentials to take along–protecting your valuables from any potential downpours. Plus, it’s a relief to know your items will stay safe while climbing in and out of boats.

Shop dry bags

Tech gear

It’s almost impossible to take a bad picture in Fiji. Bring along a camera for some memory making snaps.

GoPro: An action camera is perfect for a destination like Fiji. Compact and durable, you can take it hiking, down water slides, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving–and you don’t need to worry about sudden rain showers.

Shop GoPro

Mirrorless camera: For a mid-range mirrorless camera, we recommend the the Sony a6000. For a professional level camera, check out the Sony a7iii with the 24-105 G series zoom lens. But, the best camera to have is the one in your hands.

Drone: Travelers can fly drones for recreational purposes in Fiji, but the drone must be registered at the airport upon arrival. The DJI Mavic Air 2 and DJI Mavic Mini are ideal for traveling thanks to their small size and top-tier camera quality.

Shop DJI Drones

Power adapter: Fiji uses 240 V type ‘I’ power sockets. You will likely need a power adapter if you’re coming from anywhere outside of Australia, New Zealand, China, other South Pacific nations, and Argentina.

Shop power adapters

Travel Documents and Insurance

Passport and visa: You won’t go far without these travel documents. Fiji offers a free four-month tourist visa for many travelers.

Guidebook: Internet is limited around many parts of Fiji, which can make looking up activities on the fly quite a hassle. Check out Moon Fiji for the latest guidebook on the market.

Travel insurance: When choosing the right travel insurance for your trip, double-check that it covers Fiji as a destination as well as the activities you plan to do in Fiji. For example, scuba diving, hiking, snorkeling, river rafting, and other adventures you might get up to.

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Fiji packing FAQs

What is the best currency to take to Fiji?

Fiji has their own currency, Fijian dollars. It’s best to convert your money to Fijian dollars upon arrival, or use an ATM to get Fijian cash directly from your bank. Some large resorts accept Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, US Dollars, Chinese Yen, and Euro.

What should I bring to Fijian village visits as a donation?

Villages always appreciate books, school supplies, toiletries, toys, and musical instruments. If you have other items you love and think they’d appreciate, bring along a few spares!

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