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You won’t dare utter the words “I’m bored” while exploring this 300+ island archipelago. Vibrant coral reefs, sandy beaches, waterfalls galore, clear water, and sharks… oh wait, did we just say sharks? No matter, they’re friendly here. Just like everyone else.  

Koro Sun Resort Bure

Why Visit Fiji?

Escape to Fiji, never return. That’s the dream, isn’t it? This South Pacific paradise is where to go when you want to leave your worries behind. 

Get ready to hike your heart out, sunbathe in a hammock, surf world class waves, scuba dive in the world’s soft coral capital, immerse yourself into Fijian culture, and fall in love all over again. 

If things get carried away and you end up with a little coconut nine months after returning from a holiday in Fiji, come back as a family. This island destination is awesome for kids.

Trip Planning and Inspiration

the 10 Best Islands In Fiji

With so many islands, how do you know where to begin? We’ll show you our top tropical picks no matter if it’s your first time or your fifth. 

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