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koro sun overview

10 Drone Shots of Fiji to Inspire Your Next Trip

May 31, 2020 No Comments

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Dreaming of Fiji? We don’t blame you. The idyllic island nation looks good up close and even better when seen from above. Drone travelers, pack a handful of spare batteries. You’ll certainly use them.

Mango Bay

Kokomo Private Island

Yasawa Island

Tavoro Falls

The Coral Coast

Koro Sun

koro sun overview

Fiji Drone Regulations

The great thing about Fiji is that it’s a destination that can make even the least talented drone photographers return home with images that are enviable. But is it it worth bringing your drone to Fiji? Fortunately, for most drone travelers, the process of registering and using your drone is very simple.

  1. Fill out the Fiji drone application form and email it to Recreational drone users should fill out form OP 137. Commercial drone users fill out OP 138. If you are flying commercially, you will need proof of insurance and certification.
  2. If you forget to fill out the form prior to arrival, you can also do it at the airport. If you are caught going through customs without declaring your drone, you might be pulled aside and asked to register it.

Drone laws in Fiji

Once your birdie is up in the air, there are handful of rules you must follow. These are posted on the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji’s website.

Drones are not permitted within 3 kms (2 mi) within a domestic airport. This means if you hop over to a tiny island with a private air strip, you may not be able to take off at all! For international airports, you’ll need to venture at least 5 kms (3 mi) away before launching.

Keep your drone over wide, unpopulated spaces. They are not allowed over airstrips, helipads, crowds, or traffic.

Drones can not be flown over 200 ft high and drone pilots must hold visual contact with the drone for the duration of the flight.

Most resorts do not mind if you fly your drone, so long as it is not disturbing the other guests. It’s best to launch somewhere on the edge of the resort and fly over the water, rather than directly above the resort itself. Many resorts have outdoor showers, and won’t be keen on having their guests filmed in the nude!

The staff montoring the Civil Aviation Authority email address tend to be very helpful should you have any questions. The phone number is +679 892-3155.

Chantae Reden

Chantae is the Coconut in Chief at Tropical Go. She is the author of Moon Bali & Lombok and lives in Suva, Fiji. She is a freediver, scuba diver, and surfer who loves surfing without a wetsuit. Her drink of choice is a margarita.

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