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Known as the Island of the Gods, this island in Indonesia is where you can seek serenity in temples,, catch wave after wave, explore rice paddies, and be mesmerized by Balinese song and dance. One word of advice? Watch out for the monkeys. 

The only guidebook you'll need for Bali!

Bali Travel Guide

Why visit Bali?

Bali is a polarizing island. You might hear some travelers call it quiet and untouched while others tout it as being boisterous and crowded. The reality lies somewhere in the middle. 

You can find a beach all to yourself on Bali just a little ways away from a beach that is cloaked with umbrellas. 

The surf scene in Bali rivals few other places in the world, with iconic waves breaking along Bali’s Bukit Peninsula. You’ll enjoy it here no matter if you’re catching your first wave or hunting for barrels at Padang Padang. 

For Balinese Hindus, spirituality is part of everyday life on the Island of the Gods. There are hundreds of temples to admire, and no two are quite alike. Witness and partake in cultural performances like kecak fire dances, daily offerings, and learning more about the Hindu gods. 

If you’re into the underwater world, you’ll love Bali. Scuba divers and snorkelers can explore shipwrecks and swim alongside manta rays, mola mola, and reef sharks. 

Watch the sunrise from the top of a volcano, wander through rice terraces, laze the day away in a hammock, and enjoy fragrant meals that always seem to combine the perfect mix of sweet and savory. If you have kids, they’ll enjoy their time in Bali, too.

The best time to go to Bali

Bali is a year-round destination, but there are two distinct seasons. Dry season lasts from April to October. Wet season lasts from November  to March, though it never stays too rainy for long. 

The most crowded months are July, August, and December. If you want to surf, come from May to September. For scuba divers, visibility is best during the dry season. 

School holidays in Australia means that Bali’s southern beaches are sure to be crowded. But you can always escape the swarms on Bali’s northern coastline no matter the time of year.


Trip Planning and Inspiration

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