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Taking you to the


We’re quite a lovely bunch of coconuts at Tropical Go!
Or so we like to think. 
We run on island time here. Our writers submit their articles long past their deadlines and any typos can be attributed to the influence of rum punch.
Swigged only for research purposes, of course. 
We’re here to inspire, entertain, inform, and delight. From practical guides to island rants, we serve you the information you need to know about the best place in the world, the tropics. 

You might belong here if...

  • You live in the tropics — either as an import or someone born and raised in paradise
  • You love the tropics and live elsewhere
  • You don’t know how you got here but you’re happy to see how this plays out
  • You’ve been turned away from an establishment for violating the “no shoes, no service” sign posted on the front door
  • Your swimwear doubles as underwear, loungewear, day wear… and when your boss is sick, work wear
  • Your instinct is to say “Thank you!” when someone calls you a lazy beach bum
  • You think being a pirate is an underrated career choice

The Tropics: The region between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. // Synonym: Paradise; Antonym: Wearing jeans.

No matter if you’re shaken, stirred, or washed up on the rocks, we’ll toast to you!



Chantae Reden Wandres

Chantae moved to Fiji in 2017 and quickly fell in love with the islands. She spends her time surfing, scuba diving (sometimes with sharks), freediving, hiking, and learning how to crack open coconuts with her bare hands. Shortly after moving to Fiji, she adopted a white stray cat with orange spots named Pizzakat. Neither of them enjoy wearing jeans.

Chantae is the author of two guidebooks, Moon Bali & Lombok as well as Moon Tahiti & French Polynesia. Follow her at @chantaewashere on Instagram.